Hyundai was a fun character animation project where I was involved. We produced several CGI tv spots for this campaign directed by Sergio Slepczuk in collaboration with Passion Pictures. 
Through their unique personalities and gestures, we see the excitement of each character. 
The following is a compilation of some of my shots for this series of spots.
Executive Creative Director: Mariano Farias
Animation director: Sergio Slepczuk
Executive Producer: Pedro Reales
Production coordinator: Gladys Esquivel
Art Director & Character Design : Victoria Kociman
Modelling: Victoria Kociman, Benjamin Jagusziecszko
Rig: Hernan Guerra
Lighting & Shading Supervisor: Nicolas Pellegrino, Benjamin Jagusziezcko
Lighting & Shading: Nicolas Pellegrino, Sebastian Pellegrino.
Layout Artist: Sergio Slepczuk
Character animation: Jorge Rausch, Paula Martinez, Carol Erique
Lighting & Shading: Nicolas Pellegrino, Sebastian Pellegrino
Render configurations: Javier Eyherabide, Luis López
Lead Compo: Maximiliano Lagraña
Compo: Pablo Biondi, Nicolas Pellegrino.
Roto: Matias GualcoCamera
Tracking: Mauri Mansilla
Editing and conforming: Paula Pescio
Live Action: Passion Pictures directed by Simon Robson.
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