Role: CG Animator
Roger & Gallet's summer online campaign, "The Happiness Factory," showcases their Wellbeing Soap boxes, Solid Perfumes, and fresh Water Fragrances with a lively, vintage Pop Art flair. The campaign includes three product-specific films and a general overview, emphasizing the importance of ingredients with vivid flowers and fruits.
Dive into a dynamic and sophisticated visual journey that redefines Roger & Gallet's brand with joy and elegance.
Looping the fun!
With a foresighted approach, we animated every element in the films with the intention of extracting engaging loops to amplify the campaign's impact. These lively snippets were meticulously crafted to reinforce our vibrant visual language and provide versatile content for driving online traffic and engagement.
Client: Roger & Gallet
R&G Creative Director: Marie Binois
R&G Product Manager: Margaux Barbier
Producer: Jack Alexandre
CG Design: Everthon Estevan + Clim
CG Design & Animation: Witold Markiewicz
CG Animation: Carol Erique
Product Modeller: Thomas Pomarelle
Edit, Renders & Post Production: Berta Terrassa
Music & SFX: QB Sound

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