Role: CG Animation Lead
Embracing Mr. Porter as the doorway to discovery, offering a unique and enthralling shopping experience, viewers were captivated by these realms through the distinctive packaging of Mr. Porter.
Clouds, Snow and Space, infused with a touch of surrealism, seamlessly merged into a cohesive creative unit.
Three unique realms
The dynamic camera movement and smooth transitions were carefully animated to ensure that the content is compatible with multiple platforms and aspect ratios, making it versatile and adaptable for a wide range of viewing experiences.
Executive Creative Director – Clim
Executive Producer – Jack Alexandre
Client – Mr. Porter
Producer – Jack Alexandre
Concept Art & Storyboard – Tonet Durà + Joules Trouvé
CG Design Lead – Joe Mortell
CG Animation Lead – Carol Erique
CG Design & Animation – Witold Markiewicz
Houdini Artist – Maksym Vysokolov
Product Modeler – Mark Kostenko
Bumpers Design & Animation – Joe Mortell
Edit, Renders & Post Production – Berta Terrassa
Color Correction – Clim
Music & SFX – QB SOUND

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