Role: 3D Character Animator
In this vibrant and personality-rich film, Tendril Studio captured the magic and innovation of Microsoft's latest technology, Microsoft Mesh. This platform bridges the gap between real-world interactions and virtual meetings, opening new possibilities for immersive and interactive experiences. The film highlights how Microsoft Mesh can transform the way we connect and collaborate digitally. 
Flexible Performances for any Character
I created a versatile library of reactions and idle animations for seven distinct characters, forming a creative toolkit that allowed us to blend various acting scenarios. Animating these actions at 60 fps ensured we could deliver the film in both high and standard frame rates, maintaining flexibility without compromising visual quality.
Let's bring in the actors!
Each action was carefully selected and timed to enhance the characters' appeal, considering their specific placement in relation to the camera, attire, and importance within the shot. This meticulous approach guaranteed that every animation integrated naturally with the environment and camera perspectives, elevating the project's visual and narrative impact.
Client: Microsoft
Production Co: Tendril
Creative Director: Alexandre Torres
Director: Samuel Bohn + Gabriel Rocha
Art Director: Rafael Eifler
Tech Lead: Flavio Diniz
Executive Producer: Ivelle Jargalyn
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Production Coordinator : Tyler Wong
Design: Rita Louro, Nathan Di Rezende, Thiago Tallmann, Rafael Eifler, Luan Rossi
Tech Lead and Animation Pipeline: Flavio Diniz and Tyrel Scott
Animation: Carol Erique, Will Sharkey, Tyrel Scott, Juliana Custodio, Jimmy Gill, Emiliano Flores, Samuel Bohn
Light & Render: Rafa Eifler, Nemanja Ivanovic, Yeseong Kim, Marcelo Souza, Brad Husband
Compositing: Bruno Ferrari, Astrid Cardenas, Corey Larson, Brad Husband 
Sound Design + Music: Zelig Sound

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